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Jackson and the Dragon's Lair

Jackson and Olivia discover a mysterious cave deep in the Unnamed Mountains. While searching for a dragon, they find adventure and the real treasure, friendship. Jackson tells a story as it unfolds in his imagination. The adventure comes more and more real with each thought. When Jackson and Olivia wake the dragon, they must find a way to end the conflict and make an unexpected friend.

Written by EC Flickinger

Illustrated by Maureen Henry

Jackson and the Dragon's Lair Coloring Book

Coloring book by Maureen Henry based on her illustrations for the children's book JACKSON and the Dragon's Lair. Jackson and Olivia explore a mysterious cave in search of a dragon.

Includes 43 coloring pages.

Illustrations by Maureen Henry

50 Ways to Get Out of Cooking


The Anti-Cooking Bible: 50 Ways To Get Out Of Cooking shares a creative menu of appetizers, house specials, and à la carte items sure to entice those who strive to avoid cooking at all costs. With entrées like The Caveman, Meat Aisle Mystery, The Obituary, Champion Cruiser, and Do Not Resuscitate, Maureen Ann Clarke helps us navigate one of life's most frustrating questions: "What's for dinner?

By Maureen Ann Clarke (my former name)

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