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 Maureen Henry
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Maureen is the author and illustrator of

The Anti-Cooking Bible: 50 Ways to Get Out of Cooking

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Maureen has been drawing and painting as a hobby since childhood. In 2014 after a series of life changing tragic events, Maureen immersed herself in art as a therapeutic outlet. With her obsession for rock collecting, Maureen decided to utilize her love of art on the natural surface to create artwork that comes to life.


In 2015, she entered her first juried art show with her rock painting of a tiger titled “Golden Eyes” and received a third place award from the Bux Mont Art League, as well as a second place award later that year from Abington’s Art in the Atrium. In 2017, Maureen received a second place prize in Art in the Atrium for her rock painting of a sea turtle titled “Mama Blue Eyes”.


Painting on rocks connects Maureen to nature, grounding her as she holds them. The artist gets inspiration from each nature formed shape, and because each rock is unique, no piece ever turns out the same. Maureen considers each stone carefully as she paints, allowing the natural curves to determine the art of the character. She enjoys the 3D effect her artwork creates. Maureen hopes that she can convey the spirt of nature within her artwork and the interconnectedness that we all have with the Mother Earth.


In 2015, Hot Rocks & Fine Art was born. Maureen started working with children in summer camps to encourage young artists to express themselves through art. Rock painting is currently very popular, and Hot Rocks & Fine Art painting activity has become one of the favorites at these summer camps. Maureen’s goal is to continue to encourage the next generation to explore nature and the world of art through rock painting.

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